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The site, founded by Joshua Zader in , says it has 17, dating profiles—so evaluating each and every user for an adequately productive and independent mate may take slightly less time than reading Atlas Shrugged. Mouse Mingle creator and Disney fanatic Dave Tavres, who established the site in , told Mashable that friends badgered him about his lack of online dating profiles.

Does my "Fountainhead" turn you on, baby?

Most of us have to wait a good while before seeing our dates naked. You might get to take it all in sooner at Naturist Passions Beware: When Sea Captain Date went viral in , plenty of journalists suspected it was a hoax. According to promotional materials, the founder and CEO is a veteran mariner named Bill Kay, who was 86 when he broke the proverbial bottle of wine on the new endeavor in Anna North of Jezebel spoke with a year-old woman who said she began a voyage towards love on the site and met a marine captain who stays in contact, via video chat, on his journeys.

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And that's a labor of love in itself. Site founder Ryan Moxon recounted its origin story to Cosmopolitan in terms you would expect: And then I was thinking about how I was single and I went searching for dating sites, but I couldn't find any real ones. To think that people could meet and, like, have a baby because of something I made?

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Ayn Rand fans have found a solution: Obviously, I immediately created a profile so that I could see who these people are. I was forced to "characterize my spiritual life" and list my favorite works of art -- aside from those of Ayn Rand, of course. And let's face it, I don't actually believe in "rational self-interest" or the "pursuit of happiness," per se.

5 Dating Sites for Terrible People to Find Terrible Love

Highlights from their article include:. If your words are a meaningful progression of concepts rather than a series of vocalizations induced by your spinal cord for the purpose of complementing my tone of voice…". I consider myself to be a born-again egoist and I have dedicated the rest of my life to self-improvement.

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Admittedly, it's not the most attractive sampling of young objectivists looking for love, and surely there is some really great guy out there that loves long walks on the beach accompanied by lengthy discussions of laissez-faire capitalism and the central role of reason in perceiving reality.

These quotes are just significantly more interesting. Undoubtedly, strictly dating objectivists could get tricky, as compromising your own happiness to make your partner happy would seem to be totally off-limits, and, as we all know, relationships are all about compromise, compromise, compromise.