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Recommend me a good dating sim

Originally posted by tmwfte:. Excitement View Profile View Posts. There were some pretty cool datesims for free back on new grounds in the day. I just don't remember the names. Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Undead skeleton monster men aren't women, but besides that, I already played it. Clannad is a possibility! That's another one I liked the anime for, After Story more than the first season. Implying there are good dating sims.

Katawa Shoujo is really good. I had a good time with it anyway. Lilly all the way. If you liked Clannad, you'd probably like other Key stuff too. I like Little Busters a good bit. Likeable characters and there's good incentive to do several routes. Though I suppose watching and reading their stories might not be entirely comparable.

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I know that I've felt a lot of Visual Novels are kind of poorly paced and drag. Just to piggyback on this, Ladykiller in a Bind is also very good. It is a bit porny, but OP seems ok with that. A lot of the stuff Air does is pretty great including Clannad, Kanon, Air, little busters and angel beats.

If you can handle some comedic and also not very comedic rape and lots of sex in general the rance series are held in very high regard. Yume Miru Kusuri - is interesting and deals mainly with girls with mental issues, ie depression, drugs abuse etc.

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There are tons more but the above are what come to mind immediately, you should also visit https: Thanks, that's a lot of stuff! I'll jot down what seems interesting and easy to get hold of. Clannad and Steins;Gate are a given since I'm already familiar with their stories and like them, and I might extend that to Key's older stuff too. Grisaia and Muv-Luv are also on my list, and I've heard enough about Rance over the years that I should proooobably give it a go. Ladykiller in a bind is I dunno, maybe it's great, but it's got one of the the least appealing artstyles I know of.

Just judging from the titles of her games and what I assume is her pen name, Christine Love's writing also seems totally like not my thing in any way.

Top 5 Visual Novels on Steam - HD

I'm gonna check out Majikoi for sure at the very least, but some of these are just gonna have to wait until they go on sale. Some are like a decade old and still 30 bucks. Actually most of them are old, looks like even the fastest ones to make it over took years. Yeah, visual novels have only just become popular in the West over the last few years, I would say that the genre's popularity really started to grow in with the release of Katawa Shoujo.

Top 5 Best Dating Sims to Play in 2017

However, there have been some recent examples of VNs being translated very soon after they were released in Japan, such as Steins;Gate 0 coming out in the West less than a year after Japan and the recent Grisaia: Phantom Trigger being published in English territories simultaneously with Japan. I mostly play VN that have story and rpg elements to it.

It keeps me entertained and focused on other objectives. You should check Mangagamer for recent releases, since they have a team oriented to just localizing visual novels. In this website you can check for language patches: My suggestions are eroge but some lighter than others.

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This one is the most different from all of them because its very text based and no RPG elements to it. The game is very VERY hard sometimes and its big on content.

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

I recommenced the https: Is much lighter than the Rance series on eroge content but as great RPG nonetheless. This RPG can be hard sometimes. Yeah, I really liked the Clannad animes, and I have been meaning to play it forever. From my understanding it is also an incredibly long game too. Some of these just look too old and cumbersome, but I'm considering that Rance game specifically. Maybe I should go for Phantom Trigger just to get a game that's actually from , lol.

I don't know how heavily it gets into the dating aspect rather than just being a VN , but FWIW my first 15 hours or so with Chaos;Child have been favourable just released in Europe, out in just over a week in the US. Writing is strong there's a fair number of typos, but they don't really hinder readability , the characters are interesting, and the premise its setup so far is intriguing.

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Well newer doesn't always mean better. From what I've heard the consensus by fans is that Phantom Trigger is pretty mediocre. Plus the game is completely linear so there are no alternate routes for each girl or dialogue choices of any kind, unlike the other Griasia games. Stordoff already beat me to the punch on this but if you want a new VN that has been getting some great buzz recently then Chaos;Child might be up your alley. It is more of a murder mystery than a dating sim but there are routes for each of the girl in the game.

A lot of VN fans have been saying Chaos;Child is one of the best titles they've played in recent years and you don't need to have played other games in the series to enjoy it.