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I have nothing to Wear T-shirt. Hi yeah i am bisexual, we exist! Bisexual women are a thinggggg as is bisexual erasure. Thank you for sharing all of your stories with us. It makes these things a lot less horrifying when we know that a professional like yourself has dealt with them too! I learned so much just now, I can't even! XD I've had a lot of fear and shame associated with masturbating since I started.

Social gender role crap, I now know. Thank you so much! I truly have recognized it. I'm trying to be helpful.

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Oral isn't a life source and isn't a daily requirement. Try fisting for a few days. I never saw it, I'm definitely not the lucky type and, given that description, I don't really care to be one. What DOES it mean?

Awesome people, both of you. Thank you for sharing your story, Eden. Why, why lie to people about who they are?